Working From Home And Why It Can Work

Working From Home And Why It Can Work

Why should you work from home? After all, you get a regular paycheck now, and your commute is not really so bad. You get along with most of your coworkers, and you could have a worse boss. But, the truth is, you can work from home, and make it work, and here is why.

Who Gets Paid


Your training and expertise is a valuable asset to your company. They may have even paid for your training. But, have you looked at what your company charges their clients for your work? You are getting paid a portion of that pay.

You have to weigh the benefits. The company you work for has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on software, computers, consultants, and other infrastructure in order to build a successful business. Can you compete with that, and attract big customers?

Probably not. But, you can sell your own skills yourself. You can find smaller clients that your company overlooks, and they will pay for your skills. That is why working from home can really work for you. You get paid, your client gets his goods or services, and everyone is happy.

You Utilize Your Own Time

You may wish for a part-time job, or to have more time to spend with your family. A home business can afford you that luxury, if you are disciplined. You have to mark off time to work and time to play, and make sure you discern between them, or you may find your home business suffering. Or, if you are a work-aholic, your family may see even less of you. But with a conscious effort to balance hours at work and hours with the family, you can make it work. Thousands of stay-at-home moms do it every day. Thousands of retirees make it work, too. The great thing is, you call the shots. Plan to make your clients happy, and you have time.

Improved Income

When you are trying to decide whether or not to work from home, consider the expense of working at an office. You have commuting and wardrobe expense that are not tax deductible. Time away from family is a cost that cannot be counted.

Now, as you look at working from home, will you actually save in those areas? If you have clients, they can come to see you, but you will still need to dress professionally for these meetings. However, considering that you are getting the full pay for the hours you work, you will still have the chance to increase your income. This can certainly make working from home worth the effort.

Count on Yourself

If you have ever been “burned” by a boss or coworker, you understand the value of counting on yourself. When you work from home, you are responsible for success or failure. Some people can’t take the pressure, but if you can, then having a home business can be really profitable.

Discipline and skills can open up a whole new world, when you have a home business.