Why Home Business Could Be Good For You

Why Home Business Could Be Good For You

Working the “old 9 to 5” can sometimes wear thin. In an economic era in which many people are unemployed, a 9 to 5 sounds pretty good to some people. But for those who cannot find a full time job, or who have suffered burnout at their career, a home business could be good for you. Here is how you can benefit from working from home.

Family Time

Starting a home business in order to have more family time is often a two-edged sword. On the one hand, you are at home more, so that you can be with the family. On the other hand, you need for them to leave you alone so you can work!

However, when you want to spend time with children, there is nothing like having a home business. You may have to keep some crazy hours but the payoff is that your children are with you.

Having a home office while you work for an employer is another good way to have a home business. This is especially good for those who have long commutes that take them away from their families or consistently make them late for after-school activities. With this scenario, you get the same 8 hour work day in, but avoid the 4 hours or more of commuting every day. You can be there for breakfast and dinner, and for school plays.

Health Concerns


If you or a family has a health problem, working in a home business may be the best way to deal with the extra care. After knee surgery, I discovered that my life was much simpler when I worked from home. I eventually branched out and opened my own home business. Now, my old boss hires me as a consultant, paying better than he ever did when I was coming in to work every day.

Interpersonal Relationships

You may find that you get along better with your family members just because you do not have all of the pressure from work relationships. In many high pressure jobs, there is a lot of competition. There is also a lot of back-stabbing. When you work for yourself, it’s kind of hard to stab you in the back. You can concentrate on the relationships that really matter in life.

Saying “No”


Perhaps one of the greatest things about having a home business is that you can say “NO!” At the office, not so much, right? If your boss yells “Froggy!” you jump. When you have a home business, you certainly must maintain a professional relationship with your clients, but that relationship goes deeper. You can determine your own schedule, and if someone wants you to do a job you can’t or don’t want to do, you can say no. The great thing about this is that your really good customers will come back, because they like your work. Your bad customers can be replaced.

Having a home business is a lot of work – don’t get me wrong – but the stressors are often more under your control, and you have more time of your own.