Setting Proper Work Hours At Your Home Business

Setting Proper Work Hours At Your Home Business

Many people consider working in a home business to be the ideal. Images of sitting on the back porch in your pajamas, sipping hot cocoa, and languidly answering emails come to mind. Oh, if only…..! The truth is, setting proper work hours at your home business will really get more done, and may insure that you get to continue to work at home.

Satisfy Clients


Regardless of the kind of work you do from home, you will have clients. You may be in sales and have an online shopping cart that requires you to fulfill orders. Or, you may mow yards, or clean houses. No matter what you do, you will have clients. For that reason, you need to set work hours. While you may be able to work after hours, your clients may need you there during the work day. Be prepared to set hours that will serve your clients the best.

My business, right now, is copywriting. I can write as early or as late as I want to. What I can’t do is miss a deadline. So, I set hours that will get the work done in time to satisfy my clients. In some cases, they are a half a world away, and I need to Skype them. In those instances, I’m on Skype at 3:00 a.m.

Work with the Family

Working your hours in around family demands is trickier if your family is young, Small children need you, and many stay at home moms come to realize quickly that working from home is not possible for a few weeks, if not longer. Work with the family to plan your work hours. My husband and I worked out that, once he had a chance to unwind from work for an hour or two, he would watch the kids while I worked my home business. This gave me time to stay abreast of industry changes and keep in touch with some of my favorite clients. As the kids got older, I was able to work more during the day as they played in the floor. Flexible scheduling helps to keep your home business afloat.

Scheduling Work


To schedule work, you can go about it two different ways. You can look at the amount of work you have to do and calculate how much time it will take, or you can estimate how much time you will have, and take on that much work.

For my business, I do a little of both. For example, the Christmas holidays are coming up, and I know that I will have a lot of time free. Therefore, I am scheduling quite a bit of work.

This week, however, I had two really big contracts with set deadlines. I had to look at the amount of work I had, and schedule the number of hours necessary to complete the work.

If you are realistic about family time, and willing to do what your clients need, you can schedule work hours for your home business.