5 Business Ideas For Starting Your Business At Home

5 Business Ideas For Starting Your Business At Home

If you are considering starting your business at home, you are not alone. Starting a home business is the solution to an economic downturn in all parts of the world. Anyone who has skills can sell them, and can often make more money working for themselves than for others. What you may not realize is that most people change their careers two to three times during their lives. With that in mind, here are 5 business ideas with low startup costs that may offer great rewards.


I suggest this from personal experience. As an English minor in college, I never expected to actually make money from my understanding of grammar rules. I wrote curriculum guides for every school district I ever worked for, and decided to turn those skills to use for my own benefit. Textbook companies publish new books every year, and someone has to write them.

The great thing about this is that startup costs are negligible – I already had a computer and internet. I found clients online who needed copywriting, and went to work from the kitchen table. You can do it, too, if you have an understanding of punctuation and grammar.

What does it pay? Not as much as my job as an experienced music teacher, but it pays the bills, and is much less stressful.



Which brings me to my next suggestion. If you have a special skill, teach it to others. I do not have a private studio at home, and have no desire to allow strangers into my home so that I can teach music lessons. But, I found someone who does have a studio, and she pays me well to expand her business. If I had my own spaces, or were not so picky, I would make £29 an hour teaching privately. You can do the same with other skills, such as dance, art, or other performing arts. Startup cost is based on how much equipment you already have.


Some services never go out of style. I also had a cleaning service when the children were small. I made £6 per hour with that, and all I needed was good transportation and childcare for a few hours a day.

Jewelry Making

Artistic people who can work with their hands can produce beautiful pieces of jewelry. Tools will vary, depending on the type of jewelry you make. In most cases, you will need to use metal at some point, and will need to heat and manipulate it. A jewelry making kit will cost about £75 to start out with, and additional investments for beads, wood, and other items. You can make a lot of money with this, or not, depending on the market for your style.


This requires special training, but don’t let those skills go to waste. Take your own clients, or do consulting. During tax season, most accounting firms need extra help.

Your education, experience, and skills can be turned to making money for you, rather than others. With the skills in place, you may not have to invest much in equipment, at all, to start your business at home.